Revenue Capture

Municipal Debt Recovery Service

To assist municipalities with collection of past due utility bills, court fines and fees, bonds and other delinquent accounts, LaMATS is now offering the Municipal Debt Recovery Service.


          UPDATED for 2016

This is a turnkey delinquent receivables management and collections program that gives local government another important tool to recover revenue due from individuals for services or fines levied by competent jurisdiction. And because LaMATS maintains the philosophy that municipalities should not be burdened with the effort or expense, the service is offered at no-cost. As with every collection effort, there are costs associated with tracking down the debtor, but these costs are the responsibility of those owing the debt and not of the municipality.


The service is comprehensive and deploys the most sophisticated and modern techniques to locate individuals through multiple skip tracing, certified notices, letter campaigns when necessary, and personal calls placed by qualified and well-trained professionals. All action taken on behalf of a municipality is well documented and made available to staff and local officials. Officials can have confidence in the return process, knowing they are being represented in a respectful and polite but serious and accurate way.

Municipalities are provided a model ordinance to adopt allowing for a 25% collection fee to be added to the debt. Each month LaMATS will provide a current report on all activities, including payments (partial and full), status of each outstanding case, and a complete invoice, making it easy to reconcile. As with other LaMATS services, each participating municipality is indemnified from actions requiring further dispute resolution.


If you are interested in discussing these developing services, please contact Cliff Palmer, Executive Director, LaMATS at