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Town of White Castle Upgrades Water Meters Through LPS Partnerships

The Town of White Castle announces the upgrade of 750 water meters and the related Automatic Meter Infrastructure. The installation was completed in early July 2020. “This upgrade will allow meters to be read and monitored from a central location,” stated John Morris III, Mayor. “The result is the utility will operate more efficiently while improving service to our customers.”

Core & Main provided the metering solution including project design and installation. Government Capital Corporation, Southlake, Texas provided the financing for the project.

“Government Capital’s expertise and experience was a great value to our project,” stated John Morris III. “Their knowledge of public sector financing greatly streamlined the project.”

“I want to congratulate Mayor Morris and the Town Alderman for their foresight and leadership with the upgraded water meters and AMI,” stated Marti Sauls, Client Services, Government Capital Corporation. “This investment will benefit the Town of White Castle for many years.”

About the Town of White Castle

The Town of White Castle is in southeastern Iberville Parish on the south bank of the Mississippi River. White Castle is home to the Cora Texas Sugar Mill, one of the largest sugar mills in the United States. Alongside Cora Texas Sugar Mill, Nottoway Plantation and Resort are the two main economic forces in the town.

About Government Capital Corporation

Government Capital Corporation is an endorsed financing partner of LaMATS and is a leading public finance firm providing professional financial services to municipalities, parishes, fire districts, schools and other local governmental entities. Since its founding in 1992, the company has successfully completed thousands of municipal financings exceeding $4 billion in Louisiana and across the country. For more information, visit

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