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LaMATS Helps Walker With Heavy Lifting

With the assistance of LaMATS and the Louisiana Joint Municipal Commission for Cooperative Purchasing (LACPC), the City of Walker has just acquired a new Evergreen ILF Aspen utility tractor with 24' boom and grapple attachments through our administered electronic bid process.

Tim Daigle, who leads municipal purchasing for Walker, said the city was “very grateful to have LaMATS in our corner."

"The amount of time saved with having them handle the entire process was a huge benefit for us, and I would highly recommend that everyone in government purchasing take advantage of the service for a hassle-free experience."

"[LaMATS Procurement Consultant] Paul Holmes has my gratitude for making this process simply amazing,” added Daigle.

Municipalities and vendors with interest in participating in LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services or learning more about the LACPC should contact Paul Holmes at or (225) 678-6107, or Claire Shaw at:, (225) 344-5001.


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