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LPS e-Bidding & Auction Services provides a range of e-procurement solutions for local government, including, electronic bidding, reverse auctions and surplus property sales, all at no cost to local government. Let us assist you to post bids, receive responses, conduct auctions, and meet all legal requirements while saving time and money with our software and services.

Vendors: Click UPCOMING BIDS to see current bidding advertisements and to reply.

Registered Municipalities: Need to post a new electronic bid or reverse auction? 

Municipal Buyers: Register for free as a New Buyer and get started with e-procurement today! 

Local Governments: Need to put surplus property up for auction?

LPS Surplus Property Program (in partnership with GovDeals) is an online auction marketplace that allows you to easily sell anything you have declared as surplus, from utility vehicles, computers, furniture, heavy equipment, real estate, and more… With over 100 different categories with a dedicated buyer base for each, selling surplus couldn’t be any easier. If you no longer need it, you can sell it on GovDeals at no cost to you.

Your Partners in Local Government Procurement

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