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Operations Apps

Purchasing Services

LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS) offers a suite of consulting services, procurement partnerships and negotiated agreements specifically designed for LMA members to deliver savings, streamline the purchasing process, and improve outreach to suppliers looking to do business with Louisiana municipalities, parishes and other participating governing bodies.

Grant Research Assistance

Finding resources to pay for new initiatives and the staff to run them sometimes means securing private or public grants.  Without an expert on hand with specialized knowledge and access to sources of available funding, these grants may stay permanently out of reach.  This year, LaMATS launches Grant Research Assistance, a service partnership with, a national online database helping government agencies identify grants for programs and projects as well as mentorship throughout the grantseeking process.

Capital Outlay Consulting Service

Acquiring state funds for purchase of land, buildings, and equipment, and preserving or improving these for the long-term benefit of local residents, is an essential part of city business.  The process is complex and competitive, requiring legislative endorsements, Bond Commission approval and numerous qualifications.  To gain the edge your community deserves, take advantage of LaMATS’s Capital Outlay Consulting Services with our partner James Pupera, who has thirty years of experience and provides free initial consultation on your proposals with an eye toward assessment of its chances for funding

Flag Notification

This free service will help notify local municipalities when the American flag should be flown at half-staff.  This long standing custom signifies the country's respect for important figures, national holidays and historic global events, like Memorial Day and 9-11.  Only the President and Governor can order U.S. flags to fly at half-staff.  When this occurs, LaMATS will send your municipality an e-notification.  If interested, please provide the municipal email addresses of those you would like to receive it.

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