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Revenue Capture

Millage Management

Millage Management, LLC provides municipalities the services needed to accurately levy ad valorem taxes.  Municipalities can now gain a clearer understanding of the millage process and the importance of proper procedure.  LaMATS has partnered with Millage Management to bring greater awareness, assistance and maximum revenues to every LMA member.

  • Free consultation to review, educate, advise, and assist with the levying process

  • Help increase revenue at minimal effect to taxpayers

Insurance Premium Tax Collection

For the last 15 years, LaMATS has offered a valuable service to help municipalities collect insurance premium taxes (IPT). The program now boasts 213 municipalities and two parishes who have entrusted LaMATS to carry out all functions of collecting their IPT.


The reason for this is simple: the LaMATS service has been proven to increase collections, streamline the process, and significantly reduce delinquent tax payments from insurance companies.

Local Shop
Occupational License Tax Collection

This program streamlines the often difficult process of ensuring businesses apply, renew, and pay the correct amount of tax each year. Once the business has satisfied all requirements, a business license is provided. This is a low-cost service that benefits the business owner by providing options like convenient online license renewals and payments.

Franchise Fee Audits

This program benefits participating municipalities by reviewing long-term franchise fee agreements (multi-year contracts with local power companies, telecom providers and others) to determine if changes to law, customer base or other factor might indicate increased revenue potential.  

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