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In addition to the discount purchasing contracts and online bidding services we provide to Louisiana's local governments, LaMATS is proud to offer its many purchasing benefits to Louisiana schools through its new Group Purchasing Organization: LPS-Schools GPO.    

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we offer full GPO services to Louisiana schools in compliance with Title 38’s Public Bid Law. Our growing list of volume discount and group purchasing contracts includes hundreds of popular products and services from statewide providers. 

Become members to access contracts by the vendors below.  

LPS-Schools GPO2.png

Enroll Your School

To receive a membership form or additional information about joining LPS-Schools GPO, please make your request by filling out the information form below.

Membership in LPS-Schools GPO provides purchasing services and pricing information at no cost to you.  There is never an obligation to purchase anything by joining.   


Your Partners in Local Government Procurement

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