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LaMATS assists municipalities in meeting the many challenges and requirements of local government.  Members that participate in our programs have made their governments more efficient, protected their constituents' liability, and provided municipal employees with added benefits.
Revenue Capture

LaMATS knows that quality public service depends on maximizing your municipality's financial resources. Our full-service debt recovery and tax collection programs include:   


Franchise Fee Audits

  • Reviews long-term franchise fee agreements to determine if you're receiving maximum revenues


Millage Management

  • Collect the maximum amount of ad velorem taxes owed to your city 

Insurance Premium Tax

  • Annual and Delinquent Collection Services

  • Increase Revenues 6%-10%

  • Serving 213 Louisiana municipalities

Occupational License Tax

  • Streamline process & level the field

  • Raise returns to municipality

Capacity Building

Stretched thin on tools and materials to help staff perform at top capacity?  Need a source for quality contractors to help you build Louisiana’s next great city?  LaMATS provides:  

Brownfields Assessment

  • Free to member municipalities

  • On-site assessment of potential and known Brownfields properties

  • Assistance with state and federal grants for remediation

Online Buyer’s Guide

  • Free to member municipalities

  • One-stop shop to purchase goods and services you need

  • Provides businesses wider exposure to their target markets


Half-Staff Flag Notice
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Operations Apps

Sometimes it’s what’s you know.  Whether you need the latest available data, municipal best-practices or expert advice,  LaMATS puts vital information at your fingertips that can improve every facet of your operations. Ask us about: 


LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS)
A suite of services and negotiated agreements specifically designed for LMA members to deliver savings and streamline the purchasing process for Louisiana municipalities, parishes and other participating governing bodies.

  • Free, 1-year online research access

  • Identify potential grants & get technical assistance


Capital Outlay Consulting Service

  • Free initial consultation to review and advise your projects

  • Includes two newsletters on deadlines and process

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