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LaMATS offers the following downloadable forms and resolutions to assist your municipality in meeting specific purchasing and other needs. Check below for available resources or fill out the below form to request something new.

LPS Municipal Surplus Property Program Resolution to Assign Surplus Property

For property that is no longer needed by the city and is declared surplus property, and assigned to LaMATS through the LPS Surplus Property Program.

Model RFP to Purchase a Used Fire Department Vehicle

To aid a city that seeks a used vehicle meeting specific criteria.


This form can be used to document the purchase file when a decision is being made to buy supplies, materials or equipment that exceed $500 in cost. Do not use this form for a Public Works Project that exceeds $250,000 in cost.

Resolution to Participate in the LaMATS Administered Cooperative Purchasing Joint Agreement (LACPC)

Whereas any LMA municipalities and affiliated local political subdivisions may join the agreement as Participants by adopting this resolution; allowing LaMATS to effect economy of operations and administration of a voluntary, cooperative joint commission between and among Participants to this agreement.

Model Reverse Auction Policy

To purchase through a Reverse Auction process where its procurement officer has determined that its best interests will be served, and it has been determined that electronic online bidding is more advantageous than other available methods of bidding.

Consolodated Cover Page & Ad

Contingency Disaster Debris Removal, Reduction and Disposal Services

Model Evaluation Sheet

Matrix for grading the value of any RFP submission by a standard set of important factors.

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