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LaMATS offers Net-30 terms* for many purchases of movable property we make on behalf of local government buyers, including for computer hardware. Look for the Net-30 logo on specific items or categories of item we promote, or ask us for more information!


* Take the stress out of online shopping and purchases.  Net-30 means you can take up to 30 days to pay for purchases after delivery.  LPS shops online and provides the lowest available prices (including shipping) from the most reliable vendors before you make your purchase.  LPS ensures that your online purchase is tax free.  During the 30-day grace period, LaMATS will handle any returns. A small fee for this service applies at the following rates:

  • Purchases below $100: $7.00 fee

  • Purchases from $100-$500: $15.00 fee

  • Purchases from $500-$1000: $30.00 fee

The LPS-Net 30 program applies to purchases totaling less than $10,000.  Interest on purchases may apply where payment is not made within 45 days of delivery.   

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