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Tapping the Spring

The Town of Springfield completed a new community water well and water distribution system with assistance from the Capital Outlay expertise of LaMATS consultant James Purpera.  

"Mr. Purpera has been there since the beginning to guide us through the legislative procedures and has acted as an outstanding liaison throughout our Capital Outlay project...Without his assistance this certainly would have been a much more stressful endeavor. We sincerely appreciate his due diligence in helping us through this tedious process."


Mayor Thomas "Tommy" Abels
Town of Springfield

A Win for Walker

LaMATS partner Millage Management LLC boosted available revenue for the City of Walker by nearly $21K since 2016 through assistance with their reassessment of millage rates and Roll Forward process.

 “Kristen Childers is an expert in the field of millage rates. For her to partner with LaMATS makes good sense for every community, and her consultation on General Alimony issues is offered every LMA member free of charge. Kristen helps redeem revenue for municipalities by helping to set their millage rates. I can't speak highly enough of her integrity and her knowledge. I'm thankful LaMATS brought this program to us.”

Myra Streeter
City Clerk, Walker

Home Sweet Home

Working with a limited budget and through consultation with procurement expert Paul Holmes of LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS), the Village of Angie learned that a new Village Hall could be constructed below the price threshold requiring a public bid. Enaging a local contractor to complete construction, a new City Hall stands ready to serve the people of Angie.

“Paul was so helpful. We learned so much about the bid process and how to go about it."


Mayor John Dawsey,

Village of Angie

Purchasing Partners

Office Depot® and LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS) have partnered to provide exclusive benefits and deep discounts on common office products to LMA members.
With more than 30 retail outlets along Louisiana's I-10 corridor, there's bound to be a convenient location near you! 
This exclusive LPS agreement provides Louisiana municipalities tax exempt pricing, curated products and services, members-only discounts in online shopping and at any retail location with your LPS Store Purchasing Card.

High and Dry

LaMATS Capital Outlay consulting expert James Purpera advised the City of St. Francisville on securing State funds for several important infrascructural improvements, incuding repair to a leaking PVC natural gas main line; upgrades to major sewer lift stations, and effecting thousands of feet of drainage piping, erosion control and canal clearing.

“James Purpera has been a tremendous asset to the Town of St. Francisville with his knowledge and experience of the capital outlay process.  He helped the town obtain funds for several projects.  His level of expertise and service has gone beyond our expectations." 


Mayor Billy D’Aquilla,

St. Francisville

A Sound Policy

For more than two decades, LaMATS has offered a valuable service to help municipalities receive their due insurance premium taxes (IPT) to the tune of over $300 million so far! More than 70 municipalities in the state's Southeast (over 200 statewide) entrust LaMATS to handle all facets of IPT collection. This service is proven to increase collections, streamline the process, and significantly reduce delinquent tax payments from insurance companies. The insurance industry appreciates that there is a single collection point for municipalities, because it saves them time and money when making their annual payment.

“We tend to take things easy on Grand Isle, and nothing could be easier than working with LaMATS to collect our IPT.  We let them do all the work and they send us a check!" 

Mayor David Camardelle

Town of Grand Isle

LMA Past President

LaMATS Board of Directors

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