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A strong team working for you!


Your Louisiana Municipal Association is more than just one organization that supports its 303 municipal members and their elected officials. Over the years, the LMA has realized that the benefits of a non-profit organization are special; however those benefits can be limited in scope. The creation of two separate for-profit organizations, RMI and LaMATS, has broadened the number of services that are now available to our municipalities. Overall, the LMA’s subsidiaries are designed to protect municipal liability and provide administrative assistance in revenue collection and other governmental services.


In 1985, when local government was faced with an insurance liability crisis, municipal government found it difficult to obtain coverage in the private marketplace. Risk Management, Inc., a wholly owned for profit subsidiary of the LMA, was founded to provide liability and health coverage for municipal governments that were formally outsourced to private agencies. A number of other plans have been developed under the leadership of its General Manager, Jerry Cronin, who has served in that capacity since inception.


In 1999, the LMA had the foresight to create the Louisiana Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau, or better known as LaMATS. Originally formed to collect Insurance Premium Taxes for our municipalities, LaMATS has developed other programs such as occupational license tax collection, labor and personnel consulting, municipal salary and benefits information, Capital Outlay consulting, franchise agreement review, grant research assistance and is a long-time sponsor of the LSU Mobile Classroom that has visited many of our state’s municipalities. Our Executive Director, Cliff Palmer, has announced this year’s new services of Delinquent Property Tax and Adjudicated Property Sales, Municipal Debt Recovery, half-staff flag notification, and an Online Buyer’s Guide. LaMATS is presently examining potential programs that will provide a 3-1-1 non-emergency citizen reporting system, and an overgrown lot program to address blight in our communities.  It’s worth noting that LaMATS services are provided at little to no-cost to our members.


The support that these subsidiaries give our membership has expanded the value of membership in the LMA. Those entities that participate in these programs have made government more efficient, protected their constituent’s liability, provided municipal employees with added benefits and have given our organization the financial independence to explore new services for our members to face the challenges of the future.

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