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New LaMATS Partner to Aid in Disaster Recovery

Lafayette-based company Catastrophe Relief Solutions (CRS) provides high volume catering, communications and temporary living quarters that can quickly support hundreds of local government and utility employees following hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or other post-disaster scenarios. An experienced service provider to regions devastated by recent Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Ida, CRS is expected to add significant capacity to local recovery efforts across the state.

A new partnership between CRS and LaMATS, now in development, will provide a unique range of support services at consistent pricing, available to LMA members and other local governments through the Louisiana Joint Municipal Cooperative Purchasing Commission (LACPC). This agreement is expected to be in place by the June 1 start of Louisiana’s annual hurricane season.

Look for further information about this timely LaMATS partnership in the upcoming June edition of the Louisiana Municipal Review.


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