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LaMATS Memorial Day Observance and Latest PPE

LaMATS staff members wish to relay our sincere gratitude for the thousands of U.S. men and women of arms who have given the greatest sacrifice so that we might live free. We are indebted to these true National heroes, and will join our fellow Americans in solemn appreciation this Monday, May 25, Memorial Day. Keeping up the fight against COVID-19, LaMATS continues to source appropriate and affordable PPE. This week we have secured KN95 face masks (package of 10 for $32.50) a top-rated 95% filtration protective mask.

Purpera Suggests Optimism in Capital Outlay Decisions

In follow-up to to his March 18 statement, LaMATS's Capital Outlay Consultant James Purpera suggests keeping a sunny outlook on the Capital Outlay Budget for fiscal year 20-21. Purpera offers LMA members the following observations: "After the decision makers get all the info from the State Economists and the State Bond Commission, I am thinking that decisions about Capital Outlay for FY 20-21 will depend on whether the decision makers are optimistic or pessimistic about how fast the economy will recover. "I have attached some excerpts from a presentation that was made to the Legislature on 2/7/20, and a presentation that was prepared by the House Fiscal Division. If you have the opportunit

LaMATS Expands COVID-19 Crisis Product Sourcing

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, LPS has been sourcing needed PPE and cleaning supplies, taking orders by phone and distributing directly to municipalities. As this work continues, we are now expanding that line of products to include items that will be needed for the first phases of reopening of our communities, like special signage to assist with social distancing and to make public safety messaging more clear. We're reaching out to our current vendor partners and encouraging other potential suppliers to reach out to us for possible sourcing and distribution partnerships. Municipalities and suppliers should contact Paul Holmes to inquire: Paul@lamats.org or (225) 678-6107.


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