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LaMATS Leadership Highlight: Town of Washington

LaMATS knows small town leadership requires large-scale commitment. This week we highlight the Town of Washington, in St. Landry Parish, for its commitment to public service and leadership, exemplified by Mayor Dwight Landreneau, Municipal Clerk Halli Polotzola, and “volunteer extraordinaire” Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, Anne Plattsmier Jones.

“Working with tight budgets and small staffs, Louisiana local governments regularly do more with less,” said LaMATS Executive Director Cliff Palmer. “That’s why we like to raise up our small town heroes and share our appreciation as widely as possible.”

Recently featured by LMA for its innovative partnership with local power utility Cleco, Mayor Landreneau has put his town on the map as a convenient charging stop along I-49 for the state’s growing population of electric vehicle (EV) owners, a move that promises to increase local tourism and contribute to the state’s sustainability infrastructure.

And helping Landreneau’s administration to position the town as a regional leader is retired local banker Anne Jones. According to Mayor Landreneau, Mrs. Jones has selflessly volunteered her financial and organizational expertise since 2019, when the town was suffering a severe financial crisis:

“Anne was instrumental in helping me, our new clerk and all-new staff, get up to speed with all the town’s funding details. For more than three years, Anne served as the direct contact with accountants and auditors, including Louisiana Legislative Auditors.”

Thanks to Anne’s incredible volunteer commitment, the Town of Washington was removed from the State Auditors non-compliance list, and its former financial crisis is now under control.

Hat's off to Mrs. Jones, Mayor Landreneau, and all of Louisiana’s incredible local leaders!


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