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LaMATS Helps to Forge Productive Partnership

Clockwise from top left: Natchez Mayor Patsy Ward Hoover (standing) is seen with Longstreet Mayor Connie Jackson (seated). The site of the new and improved Natchez Village Hall. Mayors Hoover and Jackson.

A brand new space for the community.

Two kindred spirts, both fearless leaders of their respective villages, recently met to discuss supporting one another as they lead their communities through challenging times. Longstreet Mayor Connie Jackson (with the support of the Longstreet Village Council) is providing much needed surplus office furniture to Natchez Mayor Patsy Ward Hoover. The furniture will be utilized in the new Village Hall, now in the final stages of construction.  

The mutual “blessing,” as they both described it, is being facilitated with the support of the LaMATS Board of Directors and its Surplus Property Program. By early June, the new Natchez Village Hall will be open to the public and will stand strong as a very welcomed replacement to their old, unsafe building. 

LaMATS Board President Mayor David Butler II (Woodworth) and Board member Councilwoman Lisa Aymond (Woodworth) attended the ground breaking ceremony a few weeks ago to much fanfare and celebration. 

“We continue to rejoice in all of the effort, love, and support our community has received from so many. I can’t wait for Mayor Butler and my new, sweet friend, Mayor Jackson, to return to Natchez for the grand opening.” Mayor Hoover added. “My faith has been restored, and my heart is very full with deep gratitude.” 

Additionally, LaMATS Executive Director Cliff Palmer and Mayor Hoover expressed condolences to Mayor Jackson on the loss of her beloved husband and Air Force veteran, Shelby Ray Jackson, Jr., who passed away on March 22.


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