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Don’t Write Off Those Past Due Debts!

Let LaMATS help you recover them.

Dollars in uncollected fines and fees add up to money that municipalities can’t reinvest in critical services, programs and infrastructure. If your municipality hasn’t yet enrolled in the LaMATS Municipal Debt Recovery Service, it could be missing out on monies to make your community a better place.

As with all LaMATS programs, Municipal Debt Recovery is simple and voluntary, with very favorable terms. The program helps municipalities collect past due utility bills, court fines and fees, bonds and other delinquent accounts. Municipalities pay no fees for the service all costs are collected from the debtor.

Getting started is quick and easy. Once your municipality has adopted a standard LaMATS services agreement and ordinance to participate in the service, you can immediately start submitting debts for collection through a web-based portal designed exclusively for LaMATS.

Our team uses modern, professional debt collection techniques to assist the debtor in respectful and courteous ways to satisfy the outstanding debt.

For more information about improving efforts to collect debts owed to your municipality, visit:, or call Mary Joseph, (225) 332-7672.

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