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Angie Completes City Hall with a Little Help from LPS

Back in July of 2017, it was just a blueprint and a dream. Longtime Mayor John Dawsey spoke wistfully of building a better City Hall for his home community of Angie (pop. 216), a new building with adequate work and meeting space and more than one bathroom!

Working with a limited budget and through consultation with Paul Holmes of LaMATS Purchasing Services, Mayor Dawsey learned that appropriate space could be constructed below the price threshold requiring a public bid. Dawsey soon engaged a contractor, and today the new City Hall stands ready to serve the people of Angie.

Congratulations to Mayor Dawsey and his constituents on their fantastic new facility!

Want to learn more about Louisiana’s Public Bid Law and how to make substantial improvements to your public spaces that are both affordable and fully Bid Law compliant? Contact LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS) at or call (225) 344-5001.

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