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GovQuote Tutorial Series Continues

Does your municipality have a list of vendors you wish knew about the best ways to make their goods and services known to you?

Then please forward this blog to your list and encourage all vendors to register with GovQuote!

GovQuote LaMATS Edition offers a series of informative live and recorded webinars with tips on how to master this valuable online tool for local governemnt procurment.

From GovQuote:

"Subscribe to our free weekly webinar and learn the strategies that top vendors on GovQuote use to secure new opportunities with state, local, and education (SLED) agencies.

"What we're covering this week (airs Wednesday at 1pm central time):

  • Optimizing your categories to receive more requests

  • Staying connected to customers with instant messaging

  • Attaching important documents easily

  • Submitting quotes and adjusting pricing

  • Following up on awarded and un-awarded quotes

Become a GovQuote pro and secure your webinar spot now!


GovQuote Full Tutorial (originally aired Thursday, Sept. 6)

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