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Can the Coronavirus Affect Your Millages?

With only two constants in the world (taxation being one), everything that happens can affect the ad valorem process. Take for example Louisiana’s COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Proclamation, which expired on March 16. While many celebrate the return to business-as-usual, a provision in R.S 42:19.1 that allows taxing bodies to meet electronically (an exception to the Open Meetings Law) has also expired. How does this change your ad valorem process for the coming year? Municipalities are required to submit an affidavit affirming their taxing body held public meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Law. Your public hearing process may or may not have changed with the expiration of the public health emergency, but your procedures and records must reflect proper protocols for 2022. LaMATS Millage Management Service can help revise or establish proper procedures for your ad valorem process, assuring your municipality stays in compliance with the Louisiana Legislative Auditor and provides the maximum benefit to your community. Call Kristyn Childers, owner of LaMATS consulting partner Millage Management LLC, today to schedule your free consultation on how to maintain a simple and easy millage process: (225) 788-6388.


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