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Denham Springs Answers Epps APB

In response to the Village of Epps' May 9 call for emergency replacement of a damaged police vehicle, LaMATS is pleased to report the City of Denham Springs has donated two surplus vehicles to the village. LaMATS Board President, Woodworth Mayor David C. Butler II, recognized the two communities for their partnership and the role of LaMATS in helping promote the need through LMA member communications.

"This is huge for the Village of Epps," said Mayor Butler. "It's just awesome to be part of such a great family. We are better together!"

LaMATS Executive Director Cliff Palmer added his appreciation to Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry, Police Chief Rodney Walker, City Clerk Joan LeBlanc, and City Attorney Stephanie Hulett for making this a reality for grateful Epps town officials including Police Chief Roosevelt Porter and Village Clerk Molly Cooper.


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