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LaMATS Partnership to Reduce Natural Disaster Risks

As part of our municipal advisory mission, LaMATS has partnered with the nonprofit Smart Home America to help communities understand how to reduce the risk of damage to buildings from natural disasters.

Smart Home CEO, Julie Shiyou-Woodards, who presented with LaMATS at this year’s LMA Convention, says that high insurance costs for residents can be alleviated through proper construction and building code practices that are proven to better withstand damage from hurricanes, high winds, floods, and even tornadoes.

Smart Home America serves Louisiana communities statewide through education about the most resilient and sustainable policies, products, and building methods now available for new construction or the reinforcement of existing structures.

Shiyou-Woodards, who has family in Venice, Louisiana, and fond memories of Easter holidays running from mosquitoes in Buras, says she’s excited about the opportunity to travel around the state.

I’m passionate about helping people and bringing logic to how we approach construction and mitigation,” she explained. “The payoff is when I know a community is now being built to withstand disasters, and people can save money on long-term costs like insurance.”

To learn more about Smart Home America and set up a consultation or visit to your community, contact LaMATS Executive Director Cliff Palmer at


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