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LaMATS Shines Light on Newly Installed LMCA Leadership

Top row from left: LMCA Past President Lora Johnson is seen with LMA Events Director Nikki Samrow and Corporate Relations Manager Ginger Epps. Johnson and LMCA President Veronica Arceneaux share a smile. Middle Row: LMCA’s Leadership consists of Public Relations Officer Margra Steele, President Veronica Arceneaux, Secretary/Treasurer Meshaun Arceneaux, and Vice President Veronica Brown. Bottom row from left: President Arceneaux is sworn in. Johnson passes the gavel to Arceneaux.

LaMATS Executive Director, Cliff Palmer, attended the spring conference and awards banquet and remarked –

“It’s always encouraging to see our wonderful clerks interact with each other and learn new things to help their communities thrive. President Johnson did a remarkable job, and now the LMCA is in very good hands with the new board officers, President Veronica Arceneaux, Vice President Veronica Brown, Secretary/Treasurer Meshaun Arceneaux, and Public Relations Officer Margra Steele. We wish them continued success.”


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