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Winnsboro Adopts Efleets Service, a LaMATS Partner

The Town of Winnsboro, in Franklin Parish, passed a resolution last Friday to engage Enterprise Fleet Management (Efleets) to provide and maintain the town's official vehicles. The new Efleets service, which reduces municipal overhead costs and administrative effort, is available statewide through a LaMATS partnership launched in 2021.

LaMATS Executive Director, Cliff Palmer, attended the March 26 special meeting to answer any questions from the Council or public about the program, which was initially presented to Mayor John “Sonny” Dumas and the full Council in a February 25 conference call.

Mayor Dumas called the agreement a "win-win for Winnsboro," noting the fresh fleet of Enterprise vehicles will provide more reliable service to local residents at a smaller burden on the town's budget, with an estimated savings of $260K over eight years.

Cliff Palmer thanked Winnsboro Town Clerk, Julia G. Jackson, LCMC, and Budget Clerk, Cal Pierce as well as Efleets account managers Karen Molberg, Joey Nunn, and Stephanie Miles for their hard work and partnership: "Whenever quality providers and dedicated public servants come together, the taxpayers and residents ultimately reap the benefits. We look forward to seeing this partnership grow and set a great example for other communities across Louisiana.”

To learn more about the LaMATS/Efleets partnership, or to set up an informational presentation tailored to your unique municipal needs, visit:


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