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Mayors Address Jefferson Chamber; LaMATS Co-Sponsors Event

Mayors David Camardelle (Grand Isle), Belinda Constant (Gretna), Tim Kerner (Jean Lafitte), and Ben Zahn (Kenner) were recently recognized at a luncheon sponsored by the Jefferson Chamber, and co-sponsored by LMA, RMI and LaMATS. The luncheon forum provided each mayor an opportunity to share their successes, challenges, and future plans for their communities.

Mayor Constant highlighted Gretna’s first-ever Comprehensive Plan and important core infrastructure improvements like the 4th St. extension. She reminded the audience of the financial burden associated with planning, responding and rebuilding from natural disasters. Mayor Constant added that Gretna’s beautiful and historic community requires significant local, state and federal resources to maintain its aging drainage and roadways.

Mayor Kerner’s description of Jean Lafitte as simply, “heaven on earth,” explained how the town is benefiting from several projects that promote tourism, local investments in their roads and bridges, and plans to build a unique wetlands educational center. Mayor Kerner stressed the importance of how the town's extensive hurricane protection system provides for a safer place to live for their residents, most of whom have remained resolute even after experiencing 14 hurricanes over the past 25 years.

Mayor Zahn detailed how his Administration of only ten months has been very active completing important projects he inherited as part of the Kenner 2030 strategic plan, and developing new initiatives like Freedom Fest at the Lake and the Laketown River Stage. Mayor Zahn painted a very bright economic future for Kenner that includes additional terminals for the Louis Armstrong International Airport, new car dealerships, and a Habitat for Humanity facility to serve the needs of Kenner and the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, Mayor Camardelle was unable to attend due to the development of Hurricane Nate, which had changed course with a projected landfall impacting Grand Isle and other coastal communities.

Attending the luncheon to honor and recognize these outstanding Jefferson Parish mayors were LMA Immediate Past President Mayor Barney Arceneaux, LMA Past Presidents Mayor Glenn Brasseaux and Councilman Pete Heine, along with staff members from LMA, RMI, and LaMATS. Executive Director Cliff Palmer and Procurement Director Paul Holmes represented LaMATS.

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