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LaMATS Welcomes Mayors-Elect

As we reaffirm our shared commitment to self-government through the electoral process, new municipal leaders will soon be taking office across Louisiana. We congratulate each successful candidate and thank you all for your dedication to public service.

The Louisiana Municipal and Technical Service Bureau (LaMATS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LMA, has been an aid and ally to mayors and their staffs for more than twenty years, and we look forward to serving each of our elected officials as they work to realize the promise of their home communities in 2021.

LaMATS offers numerous benefits, from expert advice on millage management and capital outlay, to leveraging cooperative purchasing between local governments and negotiating low prices on essential goods and services.

Our signature Insurance Premium Tax collection service (IPT) secures tens of millions in annual revenue for the more than two-thirds of state municipalities that participate in the program. Similar Occupational License Tax collection (OLT) and Municipal Debt Recovery services help local governments remain solvent and serve the public trust.

Through LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS), we negotiate statewide contracts with top-quality vendors of movable property and essential equipment and supplies and hunt down great bargains on needed items upon request. Ever-responsive to emerging needs, LPS was quick to source and make available through our online storefront thousands of units of Personal Protective Equipment needed to address this year’s major public health crisis, COVID-19.

We’re ready to visit with you! To learn more about LaMATS, LPS and all the possibilities for assistance we can provide, visit or call LaMATS Executive Director Cliff Palmer at (225) 344-5001 to arrange for a remote or in-person presentation anytime.


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