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We Call 'Em, You Haul 'Em: LaMATS Supports Storm Clean-up

With the end of official hurricane season still weeks away, tropical storms continue to batter the Gulf region and potentially threaten Louisiana municipalities. A record-setting number of named storms has already left its mark on our state in 2020, and clean-up efforts will continue well into the New Year.

LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS) can help with storm recovery in several ways. Cypress Big Tex Trailers, our longest-serving vendor partner located in Woodworth, Louisiana, offers the highest value in trailer brands and gives Louisiana municipalities the best deals when quoted through LaMATS. Hydraulic dump trailers and heavy equipment trailers are especially needed now for large-scale debris removal efforts, and Cypress keeps a wide variety in stock.

Additionally, by facilitating the electronic bid process for debris removal contract solicitation (though our trusted electronic bid partner, EASiBUY) and by negotiating cooperative agreements that allow similarly situated Louisiana municipalities to share debris removal services, LaMATS can help affected local governments augment local capacity with third-party providers while managing costs.

"Municipalities are ultimately responsible for debris collection and disposal within their jurisdictions," cautioned LaMATS Executive Director, Cliff Palmer, citing the State's Debris Management Plan. "But we're here to help you carry the load, so give us a call before the next storm heads our way!"

LaMATS Purchasing Services can be reached at (225) 344-5001.


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