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UPDATE: Training Video, Software Guide & Login Posted for Municipal Debt Recovery Service

To assist municipalities with collection of past due utility bills, court fines and fees, bonds and other delinquent accounts, LaMATS offers a Municipal Debt Recovery Service.

A new login site for the service is now available, and a webinar training was held Thursday, September 15, 2016, to inform municipal clerks and other officials how to take advantage of this valuable free service.


Municipal Debt Recovery is a turnkey delinquent receivables management and collections program that gives local government an important tool to recover revenue due from individuals for services or fines levied by competent jurisdiction.

LaMATS believes municipalities should not be burdened with the effort or expense of collection, therefore this service is offered at no-cost. All costs associated with tracking are the responsibility of those owing the debt and not of the municipality.

One-Stop Debt Recovery with LaMATS
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